Top 5 conpulsivebowlers moments



2.) Um that time we all tried to take over the Site for Rent boards??

3.) that time everyone found out about the SSF. Actually I felt horrible at the time but in retrospect it’s hilarious.

4.) god who was that girl who… pretended to be in an arranged marriage? Or something? And then it turned out she was really the assumed name of someone else who’d previously been driven off the boards?

5.) the time when linnell got to go to the movie premiere and posted about it and it was adorbs!!

aww #5!

I think I would put when Joey Fatone was announced and everyone cried for Matt Caplan.




Mighty Big TV, aka Television Without Pity, is closing down. I’m really sad about this actually. I still post on the General Hospital forum all the time. I’ve been a member for 14 years ever since I was 15-going-on-16. End of an era.

I used to watch Showbiz Moms & Dads and Lost just for the TWOP commentary. :(


I still read forums for reality shows I don’t even watch!

I’m seriously sad about this.


Why do hardcore drugs when you got religion?

This is perfection

This is perfection


True words, Ron.

Another that makes me think of Ari.

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What I think Ari’s trip to London was like

What I think Ari’s trip to London was like

We don’t write songs about our own largely dull lives. We mostly rely on the time-tested gimmick of making shit up.
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I wanna know…


I wanna know…